The war on Iraq was originally expected to cost $200 Billion, but we have already spent $500B and the final tally is expected to be $3 Trillion Dollars. Other than removing Saddam, weakening Iraq (and empowering Iran), and pushing gas prices over $3/gallon, this huge investment will NOT accomplish other goals, whether stated or unstated, including Iraq electing a quisling government who give us their oil, lower gas prices, less terrorism, or Mideast peace.

This site spreads the idea that if, instead of just words, the same scale of investment put towards solving the central conflict between Israel and Palestine, this would yield true and lasting returns. What might we achieve if $100B were directed at resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict? Could we Buy Peace in the Middle East?

First sketched out on a napkin, our business plan for peace was launched before the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq were in October 2002, a time of dark moods and unrelieved pessimism, and published by Haaretz (pdf) one day after Sharon's defeat of Amran Mitzna and the second Intifada. Based on game theory, the BuyPeace meme will persist and spread until such time as it gets implemented, perhaps after George Bush.

Yes, this is a crazy idea, but another crazy idea was launched at the same time as BuyPeace, by the son of a Swiss Banker, and his $1M in seed funding lead to the Geneva Accords.


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